Monday, December 31, 2012

Goal Setting: Step Two

The "Popcorn List"

Time to start writing the Popcorn list. It started from the concept of the Bucket List i.e. "things to do before I kick the bucket." In our version, each item on the list is a popcorn kernel, which we'd like to see "pop" in our lives. If we've surrendered our lives to the lordship of Christ, then we've also surrendered our goals. When the kernels pop, we get the opportunity to act on those goals, if they don't they stay on the list and wait for another time. Either way, what we're writing here is the completely unfiltered list of 101 things that we want over the next 3 or 5 or 10 years. As a junior in college my horizon was 10 years since my next 3 years were heavily invested in school, now, as a graduating senior I'll be looking at a 3 year span. 

The kernels end up looking a sentence with 3 parts. It always starts the same...
"In 3/5/10 years I will..."
Then in the middle there is an action, of which there are a few different kinds:
  • Do (Write a book ) 
  • Have (a Camera)
  • Be (a Distinguished Toastmaster)
  • Learn (fluent Sign Language)
  • Go (to San Francisco with*** someone who loves it, you know who you are.)
Then finish with the specifics (I've given examples of each category in the parenthesis after each type)

I recommend that you start with a few categories to brainstorm on, which can come from your interests, your core values, or just one of the Goal types like "Be" or "Have." For example, mine were: Writing, Learning, Haves, Relationships, Physical, Be,Go, and Build. Those categories got me to about 80. After that things did end up getting a little sillier, but the point is to get beyond what you might normally think about, I know that I discovered some interesting things about my self in the last 10-15 goals as I was fishing at the bottom of my brain to fill out the last couple goals.

It's time to brainstorm, that weekend we spent an afternoon on this part. So set aside a good block of time, get comfortable, and start writing!

*** This "with" piece of some goals is very important, since a number of my goals revolved around getting to know a friend better or sharing some experience together. I won't have accomplished the goal of getting to San Fransisco unless I've got somebody by my side to tell me the stories and show me the places that I need to see. A few of my categories were a name, followed by the goals I have for the two of us.

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