Monday, December 31, 2012

Goal Setting: Step Three

Scoring and Prioritization

Once you've got your list, the next step is to figure out which set of goals you think are in front of you to work on right now. There are two different metrics I used for scoring my goals, Importance and Timing. The scales (feel free to adapt them however you like) Looked like this (with examples from my list)

1. Downright silly (Target shooting with a large caliber rifle)
2. Less Silly, But still (Go into Space)
3. This has some redeeming quality (Have a sword)
4. This is Neat, Great, Cool Etc. (Sail on a tall Ship)
5. This will help me or someone else in the long run (Have a woodshop)
6. Expresses some core value (Have a book published)
7. Passionately Expresses some Core value (Learn to Grow fruits and vegetibles)
8. Shares my Core Values with others (Perform together in a show with M.M.)
9. Grows my ability to share my core values (Mentor a writer)
10. Mission Critical, Without accomplishing this I missed the mark on a core value (Be an evangelist)
A. I could start now (Thank an old friend for his influence in my life) 
B. I need to do some other things before I can start (A trip to Isreal)
C. I can't control when I get the opportunity to do this (See a solar eclipse)

Obviously, the extent to which one goal or another fits the scale can vary, the point is to figure out the most important goals you can start on now. Once you've got all your 10-A's figured out you've got a short list of goals that are lined up with your values that you can choose from to get started on.

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