Monday, September 23, 2013

A Little Lean Journey

By now you've all gotten a pretty good chance to read a lot of my creative work, but now, as an exercise to keep myself sharp as I drift further and further from school I'd like to take some time to explore my other passion. The one that I spent 5 years in school studying. Industrial Engineering.

Now, if you've read my International Contest speech you've seen that I've said pretty clearly that I don't think like an engineer. This should clarify that statement a little, and hopefully teach you all something about what I plan to do with my life. (Unfortunately, I don't have the writing chops to do it for a living just yet.)

I'm going to endeavor to make this as entertaining as possible (what good is a teaching tool if your students can't get through it?) but at the end of the day this is an educational journey, and it's primarily for my own edification (although if an employer happens to be looking at this, all the better.) If' it's not your cup of tea, skip to some of the more creative posts. Otherwise, let's take a little lean journey together.

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